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Rooted in rigorous science and tested with 61% of the FTSE100, the management masterclass programme has one purpose: to make managers great.

Already adopted by many of the world’s most progressive companies from ASOS to Unilever, the course is now open to individual managers (or soon to be managers).

“As well as the learning transfer data which is demonstrating the value created, one of the things I am most struck by is how this program is reinvigorating the pride in being a great manager.”

Nick Pope, Global Learning Director
7 talents

There are seven key talents that separate the exceptional managers from the rest. We can help you master them all.

Read about all 7 talents below.

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Take charge so your projects deliver on time and in style
Execution is exactly what business leaders are after – it directly impacts the bottom line. So discover how to take control of your own time, focus and accountability to deliver on time, under budget and beyond expectations.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how to kick the urgency addiction and focus on what’s important
  • Practise how to get stakeholders on side so they become your allies in execution
  • Create a culture of clear individual and mutual accountability
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Enable others to be the best they can be
Once a catch-all term for the fluffier elements of management, coaching is now a much desired management skill. From frequent feedback to agreeing appropriate objectives, learn how to get everyone performing at their peak.

In this session you will:

  • Understand the way you currently coach, and what motivates you to do it
  • Explore the coaching mindset: finding it, keeping it, and maximising its power
  • Discover the four key behaviours that make up great coaching
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Give hope, build momentum and share your passion
Emotional energy is infectious. And exuding positive energy is the management trait that has the greatest direct effect on performance. Discover how to fire up your team and become that sustainable energy source.

In this session you will:

  • Consider the extent to which you already energise others and what gets in your way
  • Explore five tactics for creating and sharing positive energy, and found a delivery style that suits you
  • Understand your own energy habits and how to work with them
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Create a community that’s willing and able to innovate
Whizz-bang launches and idea-spewing CEOs aren’t the biggest drivers of innovation. That title is reserved for a little thing called culture. And since the biggest driver of culture is managers, it looks like innovation is down to you.

In this session you will:

  • Consider what helps and hinders a climate of innovation
  • Learn how to equip your team with innovation skills and explored the leadership behaviours you need to support them
  • Discover tools to help you tackle your own innovation challenges
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